Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a hangar or tie-down on Shade Tree Airport?

    Hangar space is rarely available. However, tie-down space may be available. So, how do you get a hangar on Shade Tree Airport? When a hangar or spot in the community hangar becomes available it's usually offered to those with aircraft already on the field. In the past ten years, not one of the private hangars has been vacated and only two spots in the community hangar have been given up. Those were filled before sunset. If your interested in a tie-down, contact Danny or Janet. Overnight tie-down is generally available, just remember to get permission to land before coming to Shade Tree.

  2. Why can't I just fly in to visit?

    Shade Tree is a private airport and as such you must get permission before entering either by ground or air. Permission is relatively easy to get and the information on the contact page describes how to get in touch with Danny or Janet. Having said that, you should expect to be asked if you have ever landed on a short grass strip before and how competent you are concerning operations at a pilot controlled grass strip. While Shade Tree has seen visits from the smallest of ultra-lights to a few very large twins, it takes a competent pilot to operate into and out of Shade Tree safely.

  3. Can I come to Shade Tree and learn to land on grass?

    There are Instructors on Shade Tree that offer training. These Instructors are very well versed in short and soft field operation however, if you are looking to simply fly into Shade Tree to teach yourself, then the answer is generally no. For example, a pilot calls and says "I have a twin Bonanza, can I come into Shade Tree?" While there have been a few twin Bo's into Shade Tree, it's the pilot's experience that matters, not the aircraft. Before landing you will need permission and have signed a landing agreement. Contact Danny or Janet for any further questions.

  4. What is the condition of the runway?

    Great question! Hard to answer as the runway is grass. Most of the time it is in a manicured state, but that can be deceiving. It may look great from the air only to find it a bit soft because of rain. The north end has the most problem during wet weather as it is the lowest point on the entire airport. After a heavy rain it may even hold water. Overall, It's a grass strip that can change depending on the time of year and local weather. If you decide to land at Shade Tree (with permission of course) you must fully understand what a soft field landing is. Not just what you practiced during training on a concrete runway.

  5. I will be traveling through on my way to or from _________, can I stop in? Is AVGAS available?

    Yes! (With prior permission) Visitors are welcome to stop in whether it be a quick break, over night stop, a weekend at the casinos or just to get some AVGAS. Simply contact Danny or Janet and they will explain the rest.

  6. Are rental cars available at Shade Tree?

    No, there are no rental agencies on Shade Tree however, there are a number of them close-by. KGPT is within 15 minutes drive and a quick Google search will produce a list of what's available as well as their phone numbers.

  7. What frequency should I use when inbound to Shade Tree?

    You may note on the chart, there is no frequency listed for Shade Tree. So, what's the frequency? Well, there is no tower, UNICOM or FSS at Shade Tree so, self announce on 122.9 when 10 miles out, before entering the pattern, in the pattern and once clear of the runway. When leaving begin announcing before taxi and before entering the runway and when leaving the area with altitude and direction of travel. Easy right?