How to Visit Shade Tree Airport

Shade Tree Airport is a private airport. As such you must gain permission from the owner before visiting either by land or air. If you are a pilot you should be aware of the procedures involved with landing at a private airport. Before any flight operations at Shade Tree Airport will be allowed, you must first send us a signed landing agreement. If you would like to visit by ground transportation, get in touch with Danny or Janet. Contact information can be found on the contact page of our website.

Link to Landing Agreement: Click Here - Fax to 228-832-8005, or send it with the tool on our contact page.

CTAF Freq: 122.9


AIRNAV Link to MS82


FAA Identifier MS82
Lat/Lon 30-30-37.7000N / 089-08-50.1510W
30-30.628333N / 089-08.835850W
30.5104722 / -89.1472642
Elevation 113 ft. / 34 m (estimated)
Variation 02E (1985)
From City 2 miles W of LYMAN, MS
Time Zone UTC -6 (UTC -5 during Daylight Savings Time)
Zip Code 39503

Airport Operations

Airport Use: Private use. Permission required prior to landing
Activation Date: 06/1981
Sectional Chart: NEW ORLEANS
Control Tower: No
Attendance: UNATNDD
Wind Indicators: Yes
Segmented Circle: No
Lights: RDO-CTL
ACTVT LIRL RY 17/35 - 122.9. Three S-L-O-W clicks.

Airport Communications

WX ASOS at GPT (7 nm SE): PHONE 228-867-9937
WX AWOS-3 at HSA (18 nm SW): 118.375 (228-466-9320)

Nearby Radio Navigation Aids

VOR radial/distance VOR name Freq Var
GPTr328/7.2 GULFPORT VORTAC 109.00 02E
GPTr328/7.2 PICAYUNE VOR/DME 112.20 05E
NDB name Hdg/Dist Freq Var ID
HANCO 074/16.3 221 03E AYI .- -.-- ..
PICAYUNE 087/26.2 276 01E MJD -- .--- -..
FLORENVILLE 078/35.3 371 03E FNA ..-. -. .-
SLIDELL 067/37.8 256 03E DEF -.. . ..-.

Runway Information

Runway 17/35
Dimensions: 2800 x 100 ft. / 853 x 30 m
Surface: turf
Runway Edge Lights: low intensity
Traffic Pattern left left
Obstructions: none none

Airport Ownership and Management

Ownership: Privately Owned
Owner: Danny and Janet Miller
PO Box 2026
Gulfport, MX 39505
Phone 228-832-5600

Airport Operational Statistics

Aircraft based on the field: 21
Single engine airplanes: 18
Ultralights: 3

Additional Remarks

Some Ultralight activity on field.

Instrument Procedures

There are no published instrument procedures at MS82. Some nearby airports with instrument procedures:

KGPT - Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport (7 nm SE)
KBIX - Keesler Air Force Base (13 nm SE)
KHSA - Stennis International Airport (18 nm SW)
KMJD - Picayune Municipal Airport (26 nm W)
KPQL - Trent Lott International Airport (32 nm E)

Shade Tree can be a bit tricky to find from the air, especially if you are approaching from the east or west as the runway is 17-35 and is hidden by the trees. You may find it a bit easier by using the Gulfport VORTAC and Picayune VOR. You may note on the chart below there is no frequency listed for Shade Tree. So, what's the frequency? Well, there is no tower, UNICOM or FSS at Shade Tree so, self announce on 122.9 when 10 miles out, before entering the pattern, in the pattern and once clear of the runway. When leaving begin announcing before taxi and before entering the runway and when leaving the area with altitude and direction of travel. Easy right?

If you find yourself in the area yet just can't find the airport, contact Gulfport Approach and they can help as they know exactly where Shade Tree Airport is and can vector you.

Visitors are generally welcome however, Shade Tree is a private airport and permission is required prior to landing.


Shade Tree's runway is 2,400 feet long with a 1,000 foot over run north of the runway. Although the over run can be used for takeoff it is not to be used for landing except for an over run to stop on when landing from the south on runway 35. When landing from the north attempt to touch down at the second set of markers on runway 17 (where the yellow arrow is pointing). During wet weather the area between the first and second set of markers tends to get a bit soft. Once you have landed you should taxi-back and exit the runway mid-field (as illustrated by the blue arrow). There is also a taxiway on the north end (across from the yellow arrow) that can be used to exit the runway by high wing aircraft such as a C-172 but larger aircraft or aircraft with wide landing gear might find it a bit tight. When you are ready to leave, enter the runway mid-field as there the runway has a slight crest. Entering the runway from either end should be avoided as the crest is high enough to obscure the opposite end and any aircraft that may be waiting to take-off.